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VSIA’s Quality IP Metric Gains Hard-IP Extension

Version 3.0 of the VSI Alliance’s (VSIA’s) Quality IP (QIP) metric, which includes the hard-IP extension, is now publicly available. In addition to the public release of the hard-IP extension, VSIA is also announcing that the verification IP extension to the QIP metric is entering beta testing.

QIP Version 3.0 includes enhanced support for hard-IP quality metrics, including support for different types of hard IP, hierarchical evaluation, and graphical results representations, and many automated features that are new to this version. Included in this release is the verification IP extension, which includes quality metrics for drivers and responders, monitors, bus-functional models, and stimuli generators.

Originally released to the public in January 2006 as a standardized platform for evaluating IP quality, the QIP metric has seen over 1000 downloads. This latest release with the automated features and hard-IP extension is integrated with the previously released vendor assessment metrics and soft-IP extensions.

Development and beta testing of this version of the QIP metric drew participation from a number of companies, including AMI Semiconductor, Denali Software, edacentrum, Freescale Semiconductor, LSI, Mentor Graphics, and Synopsys. QIP metric v3.0 is available for free download from the VSIA Web site.

Following the beta testing period for the verification IP extension, the VSIA IP Quality workgroup is targeting a mid-2007 public release. VSIA is currently seeking participation for the software IP workgroup from the industry.

The VSI Alliance (VSIA)


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