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VXI And VME Systems Get Linux Solutions

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Linux solutions have been developed for the firm’s VXIpc-870 Series of VXI embedded controllers and MXI-controlled VXI and VME systems. VXIpc-870 controllers integrate Slot I Pentium II and III µPs in a two-slot C-size unit that also offers a standard floppy drive, CD-ROM, Ultra DMA 33 hard drive, PC Card expansion slot, and a number of high-performance peripherals. Linux compatibility is provided by employing the controllers with NI-VXI/VISA, a bus interface software.The MXI (Multisystem eXtension Interface) is a powerful communications link that interconnects devices using flexible round cables, with MXI-2 serving to establish high-speed communications links between standalone desktop PC s and VXI or VME systems. For migrating to PCI-based desktop systems using Linux, the firm offers VXI- and VME-PCI8026 interface kits, which contain PCI-MXI-2, VXI- or VME-MXI-2, a cable, and NI-VXI/VISA for Linux.

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