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VXI Waveform Generator Samples At Torrid Pace

product pic

High sampling speed, resident test and calibration capabilities and plug-&-play drivers are among the many features qualifying DBS 2050 2-slot, C-size arbitrary waveform generator for use in testing disk drive/mass storage, 100BaseT and avionics equipment, as well as for analyzing networks and simulating telecomm systems. Using one channel, DBS 2050 arb has a 2.0-GS/s max. sampling rate with an analog bandwidth of >850 MHz (at 0.5VP-P) and an 8-bit resolution. Two channels produce a max. sampling rate of 1.0 GS/s and 8-bit vertical resolution.The generator houses a precise clock synthesizer that can be phase locked to an internal low jitter, minimal drift reference clock, or to an external signal and programmed over a 1-kS/s to 2.0-GS/s rate. The arb also features a segmentable 8-Mword memory incorporating branching, looping and sequencing. And each output waveform segment’s gain and offset can be changed dynamically.

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