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Wall-Mount Racks And Cabinets Take Electronics Off Crowded Floors

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A line of 19'' wall-mount racks and cabinets have been developed for housing network equipment in sites where floor space is limited. The EIA 310-D industry-standard racks and cabinets include five different models in a total of 18 configurations. Designed for partial network installations or remote nodes, the hinged wall-mount panels come in 1-, 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-rack units. Fixed wall-mount racks—in 12-, 20-, 25- and 32-rack units—suit banks of small networking equipment. Bottom hinged panels (in the 4-, 6- and 8-rack units) and side mount cabinets (in the 2- and 4-rack units) enclose critical components. Designed for easy servicing and maintenance, a swing-out rack completes the 12-, 20-, 25- and 32-rack units. All units are constructed of 12- or 16-gauge steel and finished with black, low gloss powder paint. And they come with 12-24 tapped holes for rack-mounting screws. The units have large cable exits on the back surface and most have cable tie-down slots. The cabinets are well-suited for housing switches, patch panels, punch-down blocks, small routers, fiber-to-copper connectivity, and more. HOFFMAN, Anoka, MN. (800) 355-3560.

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