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Waveform Viewer And Fast-Spice Simulator Team Up

Nascentric’s Nascim fast-Spice simulator now offers interoperability with Novas Software’s Verdi nWave module. The latter is a waveform-viewing tool that provides a comprehensive and intuitive view of design activity over time.

Nascim, the first in a series of full-chip simulation and analysis tools, enables design teams to analyze larger and more complex circuits with improved speed and efficiency. Support for the nWave module is provided by means of Novas’s Fast Signal Database (FSDB), which stores the results of very large simulation runs. Using the data captured in FSDB, the nWave module gives designers a graphical view of design behavior both at the block and transistor levels.

The design insight offered by nWave, coupled with the speed and large capacity of Nascim, can drastically reduce simulation and verification times for large nanometer SoC designs. It’s expected that the interoperability between nWave/Verdi and Nascim will yield significant productivity gains for users of the two tools.

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