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Wearable Java Computer Boasts Large, 200 KB Memory

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A new wearable, Java technology-based computer contains ample storage for safekeeping all the credentials of an individual. It serves as both a physical key for touch-and-go access to buildings and a computer key for secure network log-on, as well as a trustworthy holder of e-signatures for the Internet.
The DS1957B iButton is on a 2-in-1 fob and contains 64 KB ROM and 134 KB RAM and can store over 30 certificates with 1,024-bit keys using ISO X.509v3, the most widely recognized public-key certificate format.
In addition, the DS1957B can store hundreds of user names and passwords, a color ID picture, and the application programs of many different service providers. The company's newest accessory, the 2-in-1 fob, supports dual use for both physical and computer access control. One end of the fob holds an iButton for door entry and the other end has a protected USB connector for universal access to computers.
The DS1957B Java-powered iButton mounted on the 2-in-1 fob is available for $32 each. Software tools are free.

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