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Web-Based Software Manages Thousands Of Simulations

Aldec Inc. is now offering a Web-based regression automation system that provides management of as many as several thousand parallel simulations from one location.

Server Farm Manager (SFM) schedules independent test cases, distributes them across the network, and executes them in parallel. It also collects simulation results, compares the results to golden reference, and provides global access to those reports via the Internet.

Users can work with a single copy of a simulator, or run thousands of simulators concurrently. The system automatically manages simulation licenses, and provides companies a utility to leverage 32- or 64-bit computers. Verification run times can be reduced through parallel execution and optimum resource utilization. The solution is fully scalable from a few dozen to several thousand machines.

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Server Farm Manager (SFM) pricing is based on the number of machines in the server farm, and starts at $995.00 a node.
Licenses are available as term-based or perpetual.
Product configurations that include Aldec's simulator are also available in a bundled configuration.
Users can add their existing HDL simulator licenses at no additional cost to increase the power of the regression-testing environment built around the SFM product.


Visit www.aldec.com


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