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It’s a funny thing about reader surveys. You send them out, get back the results, and all of a sudden you’re spending more time than you can afford analyzing those results and implementing changes based on your conclusions. This is the process we went through earlier this year and this issue is the result.

As you can see from the cover, we’re adding some new features to the magazine, namely SPOTLIGHT, REFRESH!, STEP-BY-STEP DESIGN, and REFERENCE DESIGN RUNDOWN. In addition, we now include an online table of contents called WHAT’S ONLINE.

SPOTLIGHT is a full page dedicated to a single noteworthy product. Many products that we cover deserve more than the 150 words or so that we allot to them. This feature gives us a chance to cover one of these products in greater depth.

REFRESH! is a two-page tutorial on a particular technology. Our survey results showed that you were interested in this type of editorial. So we’re providing it to you.

STEP-BY-STEP DESIGN is a somewhat different take on a traditional design article and is authored by vendors. We hope you like this approach.

REFERENCE DESIGN RUNDOWN is a more in-depth look at a particular reference design, giving you a lot more information than we normally would provide, such as a schematic and additional information on parts used in the design.

As you can see, we’ve also redesigned the magazine and given ourselves a new tagline: Time Saving Tool for Today’s Design Engineer. We know that you have limited time to spend reading this or any other publication, and so we hope to save you time in two ways: 1) by making EEPN easy to skim and therefore a quick read, and 2) by focusing more on products that are meant to reduce time-to-market. We made the issue easy to skim by writing our features in a modular fashion. You can spend time with them—if you have the time—or quickly skim them if not.

We’ve made quite a few changes and expect that you will have some comments. We welcome them.

E-mail your comments to me at [email protected][email protected]

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