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Wideband Driver Amplifiers Offer Low Distortion

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Designed specifically for output/drive amplifier applications, the KH560 and KH561 wideband hybrid driver amplifiers are capable of driving large output swings and capacitive loads. They offer low distortion at high drive levels and high frequencies and maintain high bandwidths at large gain settings. Also featured is user-definable output impedance, short-circuit protection, and "customizable" frequency response characteristics.The KH560 is optimized for time-domain applications such as pulse and arbitrary waveform generators. It's said to offer excellent settling at 10 ns to 0.1% with a long-term settling tail of 0.4%. This is a key performance parameter for time-domain signals such as square waves. The KH561 is at its best in frequency-domain applications such as sine-wave generators and synthesizers. It offers a higher large-signal bandwidth and lower distortion specifications than the KH560.

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