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Wireless DAQ Becomes Affordable

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Designed to address the high-cost factors involved with wireless data acquisition (DAQ), the HA8-WOW is an externally-powered, RS-232/RS-485 receiver that can support up to six of the company's wired sensors. The HA9-WOW is a lower-priced, parasitically powered RS-232/RS-422 receiver that cannot be networked and is intended for applications that require only one receiver. The HA8-WOW can be part of a 26-receiver network and can support up to 2,600 wireless sensors, It receives, checks for errors, and provides data from the WOW 418 MHz sensors to the system. For mobility, users can add the Point receiver, which is a 418 MHz receiver that integrates into a Palm IIIxe. The HA8-WOW costs $279, HA9-WOW is $179, and the Point Receiver costs $299. POINT SIX WIRELESS, Lexington, KY. (859) 266-3606.

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