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Wireless LAN Products Operate At Ethernet-Like Speeds

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Offering connections up to five times faster than existing WLAN products, it's claimed, the Aironet 4800 Turbo DS Series provides 11-Mbps data transfer rates in a compact PC Card format. The PC4800 PC Card wireless LAN adapters are standard NICs for client computers, providing connectivity to wired LANs through radio links with the AP4800 access points, which can be installed throughout a facility to transmit and receive data from adapter-equipped PCs.They achieve their 11-Mbps data rates using the same direct sequence spread-spectrum (DSSS) channels as the firm's earlier 1- and 2-Mbps systems, providing users with smooth migration to higher speeds. The new products can work with the older versions, or the two systems can operate independently in the same area. The 4800 Series products will also interoperate at 1 and 2 Mbps with other IEEE-802.11-compliant DSSS products.

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