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Wiring Diagram Tool Is Adjunct To AutoCAD

In the latest release of Toolbox/WD, a wiring diagram add-on tool for AutoCAD, users can create panel layout drawings using existing schematics, eliminating the manual steps typically required to move information from the schematic to the panel layout program. In addition to saving time, the new feature helps to maintain drawing consistency.As shown by an example of a drawing of four pilot lights (see photo), Version 14.6 of the software provides automatic footprint selection and a bi-directional data link to schematics. It also generates an automatic bill-of-materials report from the panel layout with links to smart footprints and balloon labels.Designers may start with either the schematic or a panel layout. And editing either of these will automatically update the other. The tool now also has a runtime database to speed up project-wide operations, such as report generation, cross referencing, and wire numbering. Version 14 users can upgrade for free.


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