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X-Ray Inspection System Eases Random-Sample Inspections

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Designed for ease of use and typically installed next to production lines for random sample inspections, the FXS-160.40 X-ray inspection system is well-suited for performing off-axis inspection of planar devices. The system is assembled according to what is claimed to be a new modular manufacturing principle with x-, y- and z-axes manipulation, tilt-and-rotate features, and the company's proprietary x-ray tube. The detector can be rotated by 360° and angled up to 50° for oblique angle viewing without sample repositioning. The x-ray tube provides resolutions to less than 2 µm with geometrical magnifications up to 200x at any inspection angle. The modular concept also permits front-panel service access in what is claimed to be a virtually maintenance-free design. Other features include an 18" flat-screen monitor and a modern, ergonomically designed console.

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