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X-ray Machine Inspects

product pic Devices such as ball-grid arrays, solder interconnects, hybrid components, and electromechanical parts can be inspected by the FXS-160.40 X-ray machine. The company's Auto Isocentric Motion (AIM) technology keeps the region of interest clear and within the field of view at any level of magnification and tilt or rotation angle with no readjustment of sample. The instrument's geometric magnification is 636X with maximum magnification of 2,800X. A new Windows-NT based software package includes features such as Click & Center for bringing the area of interest into center view and Frame & Zoom for magnifying the area of interest until it fills the screen. All features use only the computer's mouse, eliminating the need for keystrokes or a joystick. Real-time image processing offers features such as contrast enhancement, edge outline and background subtraction. FEINFOCUS USA INC., Stamford, CT. (203) 969-2161.

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