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Ohm Confinement Anniversary eBook

March 25, 2021
Download the Ohm Confinement eBook, which recounts the trials, tribulations, and successes regarding how Ohm dealt with the first year of the pandemic.

Download the Ohm Confinement Anniversary eBook.

Most of you have been following along with our hero, Ohm, as he and his family and friends deal with the COVID-19 crisis. The 2021 Ohm Confinement series has already started and you can check out all the cartoons, found in the eBook, in the first Ohm Confinement gallery.

We would like to thank Dr. Ray Ridley, president of Ridley Engineering, who started the series with the help of Denise Ridley, marketing and operations manager, along with freelance artist Aya Shaheen, The collaboration satires today's current engineering climate.

Download the Ohm Confinement Anniversary eBook.

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