January 2019 Featured Tech

Dec. 27, 2018

RF signal generator

Siglent SSG3000X RF signal generators have a frequency range of 9kHz to 2.1GHz or 3.2GHz and provide common signal-generation needs such as sweep control and analog
modulations (AM, FM, PM), as well as pulse modulation and pulse train generation. The IQE models can be used with a baseband generator such as the Siglent SDG6000X to generate IQ modulated signals. With a 0.01Hz frequency setting resolution, the signal output can be adjusted from -110dBm to +13dBm with phase noise as low as -110dBc/Hz @ 1GHz. The SSG3000X generators support input control from a 5-inch TFT capacitive touch screen, or mouse and keyboard. External control may be from USB or LAN (VXI-11, Socket, Telnet) connection or GPIB. Saelig Company Inc.

Linear DC regulator

The all new USBPxx-S1/DCR linear DC regulator, for use with the USBPxx-S1 product line, provides convenient power with a battery or any unregulated DC power source. The
USBPxx-S1/DCR supports power sources from 9VDC to 30VDC, offers inverse polarity protection and is easy to connect. The power adapter is suitable for use in planes, trains, trucks, automobiles, farm equipment, boats and remote locations —basically anywhere where only battery or DC power is available. This new product complements the company’s popular USBPIA-S1 USB controlled single channel programmable signal conditioning instrumentation amplifier and the USBPGF-S1 instrumentation amplifier with low pass filter. These established products are configurable in a variety of applications. Alligator Technologies

Wideband microwave synthesizer

The ADF5610 wideband synthesizer with an integrated voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) delivers performance and flexibility and is suitable for diverse market applications such as
aerospace and defense, wireless infrastructure, microwave point-to-point links, electronic test and measurement, and satellite terminals. This fractional-N synthesizer generates RF outputs from 55 MHz to 15 GHz and provides low phase noise performance on a single chip. Developed on ADI’s proprietary advanced SiGe BiCMOS process, the ADF5610 enables high modulation bandwidths and low BIT error rates. It features low VCO phase noise (–114 dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz offset and –165 dBc/Hz @ 100 MHz offset both at 10GHz). Analog Devices Inc.

VNA waveguide
calibration kit

Model STQ-TO-12-U3-CKIT1 is an E-band waveguide vector network analyzer (VNA) calibration kit designed to work with industry standard network analyzers in the frequency
range of 60 to 90 GHz. The calibration kit consists of two straight waveguide sections, one fixed short, one fixed matching load, one sliding load, one ¼ wavelength offset, two waveguide quick connects, 10 3/32 hex head waveguide screws, a 3/32” hex waveguide screw driver and one calibration data USB drive. The calibration kit is collected in a wooden box and is an ideal higher performance metrology grade calibration set for VNA system calibrations.Sage Millimeter

MSO5000 series digital oscilloscope

The MSO5000 series delivers transformational price/performance capability in a bench
oscilloscope, with bandwidth from 70MHz to 350MHz, 8GSa/sec sample rate, 500,000 wfms/sec waveform capture rate, and up to 200M Record Length, the MSO5000 Series delivers system performance, signal resolution and memory depth unmatched in its class. The MSO5000 Series provides a comprehensive set of advanced analysis tools. Seven-in-One instrument capability provides 7 measurement functions in one box. The MSO5000 provides oscilloscope, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, spectrum analyzer, waveform Generator, digital voltmeter, and counter/totalizer functionality, all integrated into one system. RIGOL

MEMS clock generator

This small MEMS clock generator can replace up to three crystals and oscillators on a board, reducing timing component board space by up to 80%. The DSC613 clock family
eliminates the need for an external crystal by integrating a low-power and high-stability MEMS resonator. The DSC613 family is a true single-chip solution that integrates a MEMS resonator and two low-power Phase-Locked Loops (PLLs) into a 6-pin DFN package as small as 1.6 mm x 1.2 mm. The compact package size and extensive frequency flexibility makes the DSC613 family well suited for compact devices that require low-power operation, such as digital cameras, smart speakers, virtual reality (VR) headsets, streaming sticks and set-top boxes. Microchip Technology, Inc.

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