BGA SMT Emulation Adapter Set 

The SF-BGA1089C-B-42F and LS-BGA1089C-41 BGA SMT adapter set, offers a low-cost and reliable socket for 1089 pin BGA ICs. The adapter pair consists of SF-BGA1089C-B-42F, patented female sockets with machined pins epoxy over molded into an assembly that matches the male pin LS-BGA1089C-41. The epoxy over molded SF-BGA1089C-B-42F is soldered to a PCB using standard soldering methods. The LS-BGA1089C-41 BGA adapter, to which the user attaches a target 1089 BGA chip, is plugged into the female socket on the board, thereby chip is interconnected and the system is ready to go. The force to mate conventional adapters can exceed 113 lbs. for a 1,000 pin device. Ironwood Electronics 

High-performance PXI Express FPGA module 

The GX3800e employs the Altera Cyclone V FPGA, which supports data rates up to 3.125 Gb/s and features over 300,000 logic elements and 12.2 Kb of user memory. The GX3800e uses a daughter card for the I/O physical layer and these cards can be commercial-off-the-shelf VITA 57 FPGA Mezzanine Card modules, MTS’ line of daughter cards, or user designed cards. This facilitates the integration of many applications and interfaces including A to D, D to A, camera link, FPDP, and high-speed serial using a single PXIe slot. The design of the FPGA is done using Altera’s Quartus or the license-free Quartus Prime Lite tool set. Marvin Test Solutions 

120W and 240W DIN Rail Power Supplies  

120W and 240W rated models have been added to this vendor’s DRB series of AC-DC DIN rail mount power supplies. Their narrow width allows additional devices to be installed on the rail, saving cabinet space. The high 93% efficiency produces less internal waste heat enabling electrolytic capacitors to run cooler, extending field operating life to greater than seven years at 75% load, 230Vac input. Applications include industrial process control, factory automation, semiconductor fabrication, and test & measurement equipment. Rated for continuous operation at 120W and 240W, the DRBs can deliver a +20% peak load for up to 10 seconds. The power supplies are currently available with a 24V output. TDK-Lambda 

20-inch automotive touchscreens

The MXT2912TD-A, with nearly 3,000 touch sensing nodes, and MXT2113TD-A, supporting more than 2,000 nodes, builds this vendor’s maXTouch touchscreen technology. The latest solutions offer signal-to-noise capability to address the requirements of thick lenses, even supporting multiple finger touches through thick gloves and in the presence of moisture. The MXT2912TD and MXT2113TD devices incorporate self- and sensor-diagnostic functions, which constantly monitor the integrity of the touch system. The new devices feature new signal shaping technology that significantly lowers emissions to help large touchscreens using maXTouch controllers meet CISPR-25 Level 5 requirements for electromagnetic interference in automobiles. The new touch controllers also meet automotive temperature grade 3 and grade 2 operating ranges. Microchip Technology 

Compact high-force iron core brushless linear motor 

The BLSM-1F can generate 300 lbs. [1330 N] at a 10% duty cycle and 100 lbs. [444 N] at a 100% duty cycle when used with a matching magnet track (BLST-FSX). The mass of the coil assembly is 19 lbs., which gives a force to moving mass ratio of 15:8. The motor can be driven using either a trapezoidal or digital standard three-phase brushless amplifier. The brushless linear motor oil measures 6.53 x 7.50 x 1.50 in. The motor is designed for applications that require a wide speed range and a relatively high force. The laminated 3-phase wound coil assembly is used in conjunction with a linear magnet track to produce a controlled linear force. H2W 

Isolated high-voltage 4-channel 200MHz oscilloscope 

The Cleverscope CS448, an isolated high common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) four-channel 200MHz 14-bit oscilloscope, has been designed to measure high voltages—now up to 1,600V—for fast slew-rate signals such as those in a full or three-phase power electronics switching bridge. The measurement tasks that the CS448 can handle easily include: voltage and charge of gate drives, loss and parasitic stress in power switching, power and spectrum of output signals for EMC compliance, control system signals for gain/phase and stability, and more. The CS448 includes an isolated 65MHz signal generator to provide stimulus signals for frequency response analysis, and eight isolated 100Mb/s logic inputs to simultaneously measure control signals. Saelig 

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