Direct-drive, high-resolution linear motor
with integrated encoder

The SDLM-025-070-01-01 and SDLM-025-070-01-05 direct-drive linear motors have built-in
encoders, and feature: high acceleration, high speed, high resolution, zero backlash, and zero cogging. These compact direct drive linear motors with quiet linear plain bearings are just 25.4 mm in diameter and 69.9 mm long. Protected inside the motor housings are linear optical quadrature encoders which directly connect to the nonrotating shaft for the greatest possible accuracy. Select only the degree of precision your application requires as the SDLM-025-070-01-01 has a resolution of 1.25 microns and the SDLM-025-070-01-05 has a resolution of 5.0 microns with 10% savings in cost.


Compact, conduction-cooled 504W-rated AC-DC power

These conduction-cooled PFH500F-28 AC-DC power modules feature power supplies rated at
28V 504W; a compact 4” x 2.4” footprint; and have optional read/write programming and communication through a PMBus interface. They are suitable for a variety of applications including commercial-off-the-shelf, power amplifiers, LED displays, and test equipment. The PFH500F-28 series utilizes GaN semiconductors, bridgeless power factor correction, synchronous rectification, and digital control, enabling efficiencies of up to 92%. Accepting an 85 to 265VAC input, the modules deliver 28V at 18A and can be adjusted from 22.4 to 33.6V using the trim pin or PMBus interface.


Raspberry Pi voltage output and digital I/O HAT

The MCC 152 voltage output and digital I/O HAT for Raspberry Pi features two 0-5 V analog
outputs with updates rates up to 5 kS/s. Eight digital I/O lines are also included and can be configured as input or output on a bit by bit basis. Up to eight MCC HATs can be stacked onto one Raspberry Pi. With the already available MCC 118, eight- channel voltage measurement HAT, users can easily configure multifunction, Pi-based solutions with analog input, output, and digital I/O. The open-source MCC DAQ HAT Library of commands in C/C++ and Python allows users to develop applications on Linux. The library is available to download from GitHub.

Measurement Computing Corporation

Motorized linear X-axis plus rotary positioning stages

The four X-and-Theta stages in this series feature linear travels of: 15 mm, 30 mm, 50 mm, and
75 mm, and the rotary table, capable of continuous 360° rotation in either direction, measures 100 mm in diameter. A 60 mm diameter version is also available. These high-resolution, high-repeatability X, and Theta stages are suitable for applications such as: angular glass cutting and grinding, wafer alignment, semiconductor handling, laser cutting, drilling, machining, scanning, inspection, assembly, and testing. These compact, black anodized aluminum X-and-theta stages are easy to integrate into new or existing systems. Compatible motion controllers are available and the X-plus-theta stages can also be ordered as complete plug-and-play systems.

Optimal Engineering Systems

5G device testing under extreme temperatures enabled

Integrating the R&S ATS TEMP climate option into an R&S ATS1000 antenna test system makes it possible for the first time to combine testing in an RF OTA chamber and climatic chamber testing into a single procedure, saving engineers measurement time. The setup enables measurements of antenna characteristics in a temperature range from –20 °C to +85 °C. The single testing process will be useful for those working with 5G related solutions, e.g. chipset and mobile device manufacturers as well as antenna designers. Used inside the R&S ATS1000, R&S ATS-TEMP allows fast and accurate 3D thermal measurements in extreme temperatures with high repeatability and angular resolution.

Rohde & Schwarz

Dual channel transmitters

The DT Series of dual transmitters offer a more cost-effective and space-saving solution to
nterface a variety of process and sensor signals to control systems. Two independent signal conditioning channels in a 17.5mm wide module allow savings compared to using multiple single-channel transmitter units. A signal splitter mode lets one input drive both outputs. Loop-powered 2-wire and externally-powered (7-32V DC) 4-wire versions are available. Input options include process current, DC voltage, thermouple, RTD, and resistance signal types with proportional process current or unipolar/bipolar voltage output. A USB port simplifies setup on a PC with Windows software or on an Android mobile device using the vendor’s Agility app.


45V, Zero-drift operational amplifier

The MCP6V51 zero-drift operational amplifier provides ultra-high-precision measurement while
minimizing the increasing influence of high-frequency interference by offering a wide operating range and on-chip electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters. The MCP6V51 amplifier is designed to provide accurate, stable data from a variety of sensors. The self-correcting zero-drift architecture of the MCP6V51 enables ultra-high direct current precision, providing a maximum offset of ±15 microvolts (µV) and only ±36 nanovolts per degree Celsius (nV/°C) of maximum offset drift. Suitable for applications such as factory automation, process control, and building automation, the MCP6V51 also supports a voltage range from 4.5V to 45V.


High-performance PXI Express FPGA module

The GX3800e employs the Altera Cyclone V FPGA, which supports data rates up to 3.125 Gb/s
and features over 300,000 logic elements and 12.2 Kb of user memory. The GX3800e uses a daughter card for the I/O physical layer, and these cards can be commercial-off-the-shelf VITA 57 FPGA Mezzanine Card modules, MTS’ line of daughter cards, or user-designed cards. This facilitates the integration of many applications and interfaces including A to D, D to A, camera link, FPDP, and high-speed serial using a single PXIe slot. The design of the FPGA is done using Altera’s Quartus or the license-free Quartus Prime Lite tool set.

Marvin Test Solutions

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