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Averna announces new release for Jupiter 310 Design Verification System

Feb. 14, 2019
Averna now integrates DOCSIS 3.1 Acceptance Test Plan for the PHYs Test Cases into the Jupiter 310.
MONTREAL, Canada—Averna, a Test & Quality Solutions provider, announced Wednesday a new release for the Jupiter 310 Design Verification System.

Averna’s Jupiter 310 Design Verification System is the industry standard for automated DOCSIS3.1 physical (PHY) layer pre-certification testing. It provides the most comprehensive test coverage with accurate results on the market for DOCSIS 3.1 devices—it is the only solution offering 100% coverage for all ATP-PHYs with mixed-mode test points.

“With this release, we are now covering all PHYs Test Cases, including PHY-31 and PHY-39, which makes our Jupiter 310 the most complete automated test and certification solution for DOCSIS3.1 in the industry," said Jean-Lévy Beaudoin, Averna's vice president of platforms and innovation. 

Also, the addition of the stand-by mode—besides multi-functional dashboard—turns Jupiter 310 into a powerful troubleshooting tool, which can assist CM design test engineers to quickly validate their device and better understand the nature of failures.” says Jean-Lévy Beaudoin, VP of Platforms and Innovation.

The Jupiter 310 includes a vector signal generator (VSG) to generate impairments and a multi-functional dashboard consisting of vector signal analyzer (VSA), MIB browser and RF interface unit control, making cable modem (CM) debugging easier.

Jupiter 310 – Release 2.0.0 New Features

  • New procedure and feature:
    • PHY-39 P2.1: Upstream – Cable Modem Timing and Synchronization (Timing stability)
    • Stand-by mode
  • Improvement:
    • All master test plans are now updated based on CM-TP-PHYv3.1-ATP-I01-181218
    • Includes fixes to bugs reported in previous releases

To learn more about the Jupiter 310, visit Averna's website or download the product brochure.

Pricing and Availability: The new Jupiter 310 release is available at no cost to customers with a valid Jupiter 310 maintenance and support agreement. Contact Averna Customer Support for details.

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