Tektronix launches AWG70000B for more accurate simulation of fast-changing real-world signals

Feb. 19, 2019
Doubled waveform memory and new streaming waveform ID support electronic warfare testing, wireless communications, advanced research, and other applications
BEAVERTON, OR—Tektronix, a worldwide provider of measurement solutions, on Tuesday launched the AWG70000B Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator with new features that enable it to fully support the testing of complex electronic warfare and wireless communications systems that require the ability to dynamically alter signal sequences during test scenarios.

In complex test scenarios, engineers and researchers need flexibility to accurately recreate real-world signals and cycle through fast-changing signal tests quickly. To meet these requirements, Tektronix is bringing new Streaming Waveform ID functionality to its family of high-performance arbitrary waveform generators and doubling available waveform memory to 32 GSamples. The new capabilities of the AWG70000B provide significant advantages for replicating the chaos of the real world during simulation exercises and evaluation of modulated signal formats.

The Streaming Waveform ID feature provides users with immediate access to a total of 16,383 sequence steps though a direct Ethernet interface. With this expanded access, users can change scenarios quickly to replicate real-world simulations far more accurately in less time. In electronic warfare simulation, dynamic signal scenarios and deeper waveform memory enable engineers to generate more complex and longer strings of continuous radar pulses to more effectively simulate electronic counter measures. 

For wireless communications research, engineers can now change modulation types on the fly to simulate Doppler radars, building obstructions or other obstacles to improve orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signal durability in real-world deployments.

The new AWG70000B Series also includes support for the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system to meet IT security mandates for instrument operation in government agencies and corporate IT departments.

The AWG70000B Series continues a strong heritage of industry leading signal fidelity providing cutting-edge performance with up to 50 GSamples/s ,10-bit vertical resolution and spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) of up to -80 dBc. This enables generation of highly precise RF signals and gives users high confidence in their measurement stimulus system.

The signal generator works with advanced SourceXpress PC-based software to simplify and accelerate test signal creation. SourceXpress allows users to create signals anywhere and control multiple AWGs. SourceXpress is supported by a growing library of plug-ins to provide application-optimized waveform creation capabilities for RF, radar, high-speed serial, optical and other applications.

The AWG70000B Series with the new feature enhancements is now available globally. Prices start at $83,600 US MSRP.

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