July 2019 Featured Tech

June 24, 2019
Check out a roundup of new product releases from various vendors across the test & measurement spectrum

Next-gen integrated network analyzers

Keysight’s new E5080B, P50xxA Series, and M980xA Series network analyzers deliver next-generation features and performance in benchtop, USB, and PXI form factors. These new analyzers combine built-in pulse generators and modulators, spectrum analysis, and time domain analysis in a single instrument to save time by fully characterizing modern devices without the need for additional test hardware. Keysight’s new network analyzers include the following measurement application software: automatic fixture removal, time domain analysis, basic pulsed RF measurements, scalar mixer/converter measurements, gain compression analysis, and spectrum analysis. Keysight Technologies

Programmable DC loads offer simulation options

The new SDL1000X/X-E Series Programmable DC Loads from Siglent can be set to simulate a wide range of load characteristics. Four models offer two different resolutions and two power capacity choices with an input range of 150V/30A. The SDL1020X/SDL1020X-E versions are 200W models, while the SDL1030X/SDL1030X-E versions have a 300W capability. The 'X' versions have a measurement resolution of 0.1mV/0.1mA, and the 'X-E' versions offer a resolution of 1mV/1mA. Both series have adjustable current rise times from 1mA/us to 2.5A/us. SDL1000X/X-E programmable DC electronic loads offer advanced performance specifications and user-friendly control featuring a 3.5" TFT-LCD display. Siglent

Two-axis gimbal mount

Optimal Engineering Systems (OES) has added a high resolution, high stability two-axis gimbal mount that features a full 360 degrees of continuous rotation of each axis to its product line.  This two-axis gimbal mount handles loads to 20 kg and has a clearance of 300 mm x 300 mm about the roll axis of the stage. The pitch axis stage is mounted on a large 360 mm x 360 mm x 13 mm plate for increased stability. The base plate has four handles and accessible predrilled mounting holes for easy integration into applications. OES

DIN rail mount redundancy modules

TDK Corporation has announced the DRM40 series DIN rail mount redundancy modules. The two 20A 10V to 30Vdc rated inputs can be connected to provide a 20A redundant configuration, or using the load balancing option, to deliver a 40A output. For capacitive and inductive loads, the DRM40 will support an additional 50% peak load for four seconds. The use of low-loss MOSFET reverse current protection devices reduces the internal voltage drop to just 200mV. Applications include industrial process control, factory automation, battery chargers, and test and measurement equipment. TDK Corporation

Hi-REL relay switches rated up to 5M lifecycles

Fairview Microwave has released a new line of electromechanical relay switches that improve system capabilities and simplify design with a solderless, reliable connection able to withstand the elements, shock, and vibration. Typical applications include Hi-REL electronics, commercial aviation, military communications, broadcast systems, medical equipment, SATCOM, test, and instrumentation. Fairview’s new line of electromechanical relay switches consists of 44 different +12V and +28V designs offered in SPDT, SP3T, SP4T, and SP6T configurations that support either latching, failsafe, or normally open actuators with usable features such as indicators, terminations, or TTL logic. Fairview Microwave

Expanded digital signal controller family

Microchip’s new dsPIC33CH512MP508 dual-core DSC enables support for applications with larger program memory requirements. The dsPIC33CK64MP105 single-core DSC adds a cost-optimized version for applications that require smaller memory and footprint. Developers can easily scale across product lines using the new devices, which are pin-to-pin compatible within the dsPIC33CH and dsPIC33CK families. The dsPIC33CH512MP508 (MP5) family expands the recently introduced dsPIC33CH with Flash memory growing from 128 KB to 512 KB and triples the program RAM from 24 KB to 72 KB. This enables support for larger applications with multiple software stacks or larger program memory. Microchip

Portable data recorder

B&K Precision has expanded its portable data recorder line with the DAS220-BAT. The instrument was developed by B&K Precision's subsidiary, Sefram, in France. This new recorder is an economical alternative to the DAS240-BAT and features 10 integrated universal analog channels to measure and record voltage, temperature, current, resistance, frequency, and pulse. Measurement data can be saved to the 32 GB internal solid-state drive or to an external device such as a USB memory stick. The DAS220-BAT acquisition system features a 16-bit resolution and can record measurements with a sampling interval of up to 1 ms per channel. B&K Precision

240 W DIN rail power supplies for harsh environments

TRACO POWER has released its TIB 240-EX family of 240 Watt DIN rail power supplies that are designed for harsh environments & hazardous locations with certifications for ATEX II3G and UL HazLoc Class I/Div 2 standards. These products feature: 24/48Vdc outputs (-2% ~ +17% VADJ Range); high efficiency operation of 95%; 150% peak power for four seconds; and packaged in a ruggedized metal enclosure that is EN61373 qualified to the rigorous railway shock and vibration standards. Protection circuits include back power immunity, short-circuit/overload protection, and a DC OK dry signal contact. TRACO Power

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