The Latest in IoT and the Semiconductor Industry: Access, Functionality, Stability, and Security

April 8, 2020

Connectivity is a constant, but the ways we do so are rapidly evolving. Having trouble keeping up with the newest product rollouts and updates to how we interface with IoT devices and applications? From microcontrollers to device charging to security solutions and more, we’ve got you covered on the most exciting developments in semiconductor technologies geared toward a more wireless world. 

NXP Releases Wireless Microcontrollers for Thread and Zigbee with Built-in NFC 

NXP Semiconductors recently announced two new wireless microcontrollers (MCUs): the JN5189 and JN5188 are joining their JN series to power the next generation of very low current wireless devices. As the first to provide an integrated NFC NTAG while supporting operating temperatures from -40  to +125 , they provide standardized out-of-band communications, simplifying the network build-out while increasing security and saving energy.Powered by an Arm® Cortex®-M4 MCU, JN5189/88 can run up to 640 KB onboard flash and 152 KB SRAMdelivers ultra-low power intelligence for Zigbee 3.0Thread, and IEEE 802.15.4 applications, and includes a rich set ofperipherals and multiple serial communication interfaces for embedded connected applications.

These new models come with complete enablement for diverse IoT applications and promise fast time-to-market and development time. For more information, visit the JN5189/88 product page here: 

[email protected] 

Skyworks Introduces New Front-End Modules for High-Power Wi-Fi 6 Applications 

In their growing portfolio of solutions geared toward Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) applications, Skyworks has introduced two new front-end modules (FEMs): SKY85333-11 (2.4 GHz) and SKY85747-11 (5 GHz). Both models incorporate a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) transmit-receive (T/R) switch, a high-gain low-noise amplifier (LNA) with bypass, and a power amplifier (PA) intended for high-power 802.11ax applications and systems. The devices ensure low current leakage in the off mode with LNA and PA disable functions, and both offer extremely high linear output power and a compact 24-pin 3 x 5 mm LGA design. Both devices meet requirements for MU-MIMO operation and improve throughput through very low EVM floor with 1024 QAM signal.

For more information on the SKY85333-11 model, visit the product page here: 

See more on SKY85747-11 here: 

[email protected] 

 STSAFE Secure Element Provides Certified Solution for Asset Identification and Brand Protection 

STMicroelectronics is introducing the STSAFE-A110 Secure Element to protect both consumer and industrial connected devices in the IoT, including new features for security in increasingly aggressive contexts. This new device prevents counterfeiting with state-of-the-art certified protection and access to secure loading of cloud credentials—ensuring only authorized devices can access online services. The device itself consists of a full turnkey solution with an embedded secure operating system, which runs on the latest generation of secure microcontrollers. All hardware is certified to Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 5+ and secure device connection is aided by each unit’s unique identification and X.509 certificates. To aid with quick incorporation of the new Secure Element in existing STM32 systems, the device is integrated with the STM32Cube development ecosystem.

For more information on ST’s new security solution, visit: 

[email protected] 

Fully Integrated Wireless-Charging IC Maximizes Power Transfer and Charge Efficiency with Low Bill of Materials 

Also newly announced from ST is a new QI-compliant wireless-charging solution that operates as both a high-power receiver and a transmitter to enable rapid power transfer and power-sharing. The STWLC68 product family needs a very low external BoM, enabling integration with applications ranging from small wearables to larger smartphones and tablets, and is fully compatible with all Qi-certified devices on the market. The STWLC68 achieves high efficiency and low power dissipation with a fully integrated low-impedance, high-voltage synchronous rectifier and low drop-out linear rectifier. Firmware and platform parameters are customizable using an I2C interface, and configurations can be programmed into the embedded OTP. To serve the widest range of products, solutions suitable for over 20W to 5W and below are in development, such as the STWLC68JRH, which is customized for lower-power designs.

The STWLC68JRH is in production and available in a 3.29mm x 3.7mm x 0.6mm WLCPS 72-bumps 0.4mm pitch package. Learn more here: 

Murata Rolls Out World’s Smallest PTC Thermistor 

Electronic components manufacturer Murata is looking to ensure stability of mobile devices with the world’s smallest PTC thermistor, or resettable fuse, now in mass production and commercially available. With the PRG03BC181QB6RL, Murata has achieved an approximately 80% reduction in volume and 70% smaller footprint than any other commercially available thermistor. Constructed using unique ceramic materials developed by Murata, the new thermistor maintains stable properties over a long lifetime, offering improved safety in the function of electronic devices. Rapid operation of the device serves to protect the circuit in an overcurrent condition abnormality such as a short circuit.By removing the overcurrent condition, these products automatically return to the initial condition and can be used repeatedly. Additionally, the reduction in size and weight allows for miniaturizing circuits.

To learn more product details, visit Murata here: 

[email protected] 

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