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April 9, 2020

The newest RF products being released are pushing towards higher frequency operation to support and enable 5G technology. Examples of this can be seen in the following products being featured. These include attenuators, limiters, comparators, and couplers.  

PMI Offering High Frequency 12 Bit Attenuator 

An attenuator now available from Planar Monolithics Industries (PMI), is capable of operating from 2 to 18GHz with an attenuation range of 60dB. Furthermore, the device is programmable over a 5V digitally controlled interface. With the device being 12 bit programmable, it has approximately 4,000 attenuation states with a minimum attenuation step of about 0.015dB. Due to the attenuator being built around PIN diodes, it does require a fair amount of current (around 150mA) at 15VDC to operate. It features a +/-1.0dB accuracy and +/-1.0dB flatness up to 20dB of attenuation and a +/-2.0dB accuracy and +/-3.0dB of flatness up to 60dB of attenuation. The device is offered in a slimline housing with a height of a ½ inch. 

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Ultra Small Package Limiter Operates over 0.1 to 20GHz 

Limitersare great solutions in RF systems where you need to protect the line up of circuits from potential excessive power at the input. Planar Modelithics Industries (PMI) has released a new device in an ultra-small package. The device model is LM-100M20G-18-10W-SFF-MAH and operates from 0.1GHz to 20GHz. It features a recovery time of 115nSec and 15dB max RF leakage. The input/output VSWR is specified as 2/1 Max, and the insertion loss is a guaranteed 3.0dB Max over the entire operating frequency range. The device comes in a housing that is 0.5”x0.5”x0.22” and has female SMA connectors on the input and output. Furthermore, the device is capable of operating over a temperature range of -40C to +85C. 

Monopulse Comparator Features 10W Maximum Power Handling 

The PMC-9G10G-7D9-SFF model monopulse comparator is a new device offering from PMI. Monopulsecomparators are generally used in antenna systems and made with a combination of 90 degree and 180-degree hybrid couplers. The model available from PMI operates in the 9 to 10GHz frequency range and features a +/-6 degree phase balance and a +/-0.6dB amplitude imbalance. Insertion loss is between 1.9dB to 7.9dB depending on the configuration used, and isolation can be expected to be on the order of 18dB minimum. The device is designed to work in 50 Ohm systems and has female SMA connectors. The housing is 3.48”x3.48”x0.43.” 

Planar Microwave Industries (PMI) OfferMonopulse Comparators 

The design of Monopulse comparators generally consists of using hybrid coupling structures. As such, most devices are relatively narrowband. PMI has a broad offering of devices operating over various frequencies available. One of these is model PMC-33D7-6D8-SFF. This coupler operates over the 3 to 3.7GHz range and features a phase balance of +/-7 degrees and a +/-0.5dB amplitude imbalance. In addition, it features a 1.3:1 VSWR in a 50 Ohm system. The device is capable of handling 10W of average power and can achieve a minimum of 24dB of isolation. The device comes in a housing 3.23”x3.23”x0.43” in size and has a painted blue finish. 

Broadband 50GHz Coupler Available from KRYTAR 

Couplers find use in all types of RF products as well as test equipment and test setups. KRYTAR has a variety of products featuring broadband performance, including directional couplers. One of their recent models is the 510050010 dual directional coupler. The device operates over the frequency range of 10GHz to 50GHz with a nominal coupling of 10dB. Frequency sensitivity is +/-1.0dB,with a directivity greater than 10. In addition, it can handle an average of 20W and peak powers of 3KW. The coupler comes in a package size of 2.24”x6.2”x4.0” and features high frequency 2.4mm female connectors. 

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