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Gapless Recorder Captures IF Signals From 2 MHz to 600 MHz

July 16, 2020
The instrument performs DUT characterization in mission-critical GNSS, radar, and telemetry applications.

In its new MUNIN 1005-IF wideband recorder, Novator Solutions provides gapless recording of wideband RF/IF signals over a real-time bandwidth from 2 MHz to 600 MHz. The platform includes a circular pre-trigger buffer that is specifically important in mission-critical applications with GNSS, radar or telemetry signals. The configurable platform is ideal for capturing one or more RF/IF channels in real time for DUT characterization, spectrum analysis or setting up repeatable lab tests.

The updated platform supports both the latest in-chassis NVME SSD drive technology as well as external hardware RAID configurations up to 96 TB (standard), which makes it possible to record spectrum signals for many hours or days dependent on the configured recording bandwidth.

An important capability of the MUNIN 1005-IF recorder is its ability to perform off-line spectrum analysis. With such an abundance of signal data being recorded in real time with no gaps, analysis is limited by available real-time functionality and processing capacity. By recording all data, the instrument ensures that no fundamental data is lost, and that all data can be reviewed and analyzed. Further, recording real-world wideband signals in different environments allows you to perform repeatable tests in the laboratory.

Configurability enables capture of one or more IF channels in real time. Depending on the location of the carrier frequency, users can either add an RF stage in front of the IF input to use the instrument as an IF sampling recorder, or it may be used as a direct RF sampling recorder by placing appropriate attenuation and filtering in front of the IF input.

Other key features include remote control capability, storage of files in the TDMS open format that enables use of third-party software such as MATLAB, and time-stamping of data through syncing with an optional GPS receiver. The scalable platform allows mixing and matching of multiple IF inputs with various real-time bandwidths; recording can be to a single RAID controller or to multiple controllers in parallel.

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