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October 2020 Featured Tech

Sept. 28, 2020

Spectrum analyzers add VNA mode 

RIGOL Technologies’ RSA3000N and RSA5000N Spectrum Analyzers extend the flexibility and capability of the UltraReal platform with a Vector Network Analyzer measurement mode. Delivering the same performance specifications and feature set as the current RSA models, the RSA5000N and RSA3000N also feature integrated Smith Charts, Polar Charts, Reflection Coefficient, Impedance, Insertion Loss, Frequency Response, and a host of other measurements. The RIGOL UltraReal Spectrum Analyzer family also supports S11, S21, and Distance-to Fault Analysis.  The RSA5000N and RSA3000N are suitable for antenna sets, searches for communication and cable faults, or characterizing active or passive RF components. RIGOL Technologies 

Solid-state, broadband amplifier 

The Model 1000A400 is a solid-state, self-contained, air-cooled, broadband amplifier designed for applications where instantaneous bandwidth, high gain and linearity are required. When used with a sweep generator, it will provide a minimum of 1000 watts of RF power. Included is a front panel gain control which permits the operator to set the desired output level. The 1000A400 is protected from RF input overdrive by an RF input-leveling circuit which controls the RF input level to the RF amplifier first stage when the RF input level is increased above 0dBm. Moticont 

Linear Servo Brush-Type Amplifier 

H2W introduces a new DC Linear Brush-Type Servo Amplifier (LCAM 5/15) that is suited to drive voice coil linear actuators. Their high current loop bandwidth, coupled with a low EMI, leads to a smooth motion profile, addressing high-precision applications. They are often used in precision stages to drive linear motors or voice coil actuators in semiconductor, medical, and optical equipment. H2W Technologies 

RSL10 Mesh Platform 

ON Semiconductor introduced a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh networking solution based on its ultra-low-power RSL10 System-in-Package (RSL10 SIP). Using the RSL10 Mesh Platform, engineers can implement ultra-low-power mesh networking, using Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Optimized for smart home, building automation, industrial IoT, remote environment monitoring, and asset tracking and monitoring applications, this solution has the elements needed for a mesh network. It consists of two RSL10 Mesh Nodes and a Strata Gateway for connectivity to the Strata Developer Studio. ON Semiconductor 

D-2970 Push-In PCB connectors

TE Connectivity’s latest 5mm-pitch PCB connector operates at up to 20 amps and 400 volts at a typical ambient application temperature of 55°C, without further derating. Features include an audible and tactile locking latch to ensure safe mating, a robust housing, contacts that support shock- and vibration-exposed applications, and an IP20 “finger safe” housing that prevents unintended operator contact with live components. The push-in clamp and single-hand-operating center-locking lever—both designed to require no tooling—make it possible to cut mating time by up to 90% compared with connectors using screw-latch locking systems. TE Connectivity 

GX3756 Series Flexible Digital I/O Instrument

The FPGA-based GX3756 Series Digital I/O Instrument delivers 56 channels of TTL logic compatible I/O, segmented into fourteen, four channel groups, in a high-performance 3U PXI hybrid slot compatible instrument. Each I/O channel can be accessed utilizing read/write register commands and each group of four TTL outputs can be either enabled or tri-stated. The GX3756 is made up of the GX3700 FPGA carrier card and an I/O daughter card—the FPGA may be modified by customers to create customer-specific functions. Marvin Test Solutions 

500 degree top-loading oven 

No. 955 is a 500ºF (~260ºC) electrically-heated, top-loading oven from Grieve, suitable for testing electronic components. The workspace of this unit measures 312”W x 24”D x 24”H. 70KW of Nichrome-wire elements heat the oven, while 8000CFM total from a series of four 2HP recirculating blowers provide horizontal rear-to-front airflow to the workload. This top-loading oven has 4” insulated walls throughout, aluminized steel exterior and interior, a motor-operated rear-hinged door opening the top and front of the oven chamber, and a workspace floor reinforced for 7200 lbs. loading onto the 1/4” steel plate surface. Grieve 

400W AC-DC power supply series 

The TDK-Lambda brand CUS400M AC-DC power supply series has a 3 x 5” footprint.  Rated at 400W with forced air, the series can continuously deliver 250W, with peaks of up to 400W for 30 minutes. when convection- or conduction-cooled. These power supplies are ideal for applications with occasional peak demands, including hospital beds, dental chairs, and other motor-driven products. The CUS400M series accepts an 85 to 264Vac input and is available with 12V and 24V outputs initially, with 15V, 19V, 28V, 36V and 48V models following shortly.  TDK-Lambda 

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