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March/April 2021 Featured Tech

April 12, 2021
Product solutions that have entered the marketplace.

High Precision 60 mm Vertical Elevator Stages

The AT10-60-01, AT10-60-02 and the AT10-60-03 motorized elevator stages have been released by Optimal Engineering Systems. These compact, low profile elevator stages feature high-stability 120 mm x 80 mm (4.724 in. x 3.149 in.) tables and 60 mm +/- 2 mm (2.362 in. +/- 0.078 in.) of vertical travel, with a load capacity of 5.0 kg (11.0 lbs). The scissor-lift design combined with precision roller bearings and slide rails ensures smooth motion and very high parallelism throughout the raising and lowering of the table. Optimal Engineering Systems

SMUs Source and Measure Simultaneously

The performance of the new R&S NGU201 and R&S NGU401 SMUs enables simultaneous sourcing and measuring of currents and voltages with high precision. The two-quadrant R&S NGU201 addresses wireless device battery tests and automatically switches from source mode to sink mode at a defined positive input voltage. The four-quadrant R&S NGU401 can also switch at negative voltages, supporting source measurements for a vast range of power supply types. The instruments’ innovative current feedback amplifier technology provides both maximum sensitivity and accuracy to reliably measure currents from nA to A in a single sweep. Rohde & Schwarz

Analog Infrared Thermopile Temperature Sensors

TE Connectivity’s noncontact analog infrared thermopile sensors measure temperature by detecting an object's emitted infrared energy from distances a fraction of an inch to several feet away. The sensing element, composed of small thermocouples on a silicon chip, absorbs the energy and produces an output signal. Thermopiles are available with various lenses and filters, allowing for use in multiple applications, including industrial pyrometers, climate controls and medical devices. They measure a wide range of temperatures from -40°C to +300°C. Optical filter options include a standard flat window and a range of silicon lenses. TE Connectivity

Microwave Cable Assemblies

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies’ UTiPHASE microwave cable assembly series delivers electrical phase stability versus temperature, without compromising microwave performance. UTiPHASE is suitable for defense, space, and testing applications. The vendor says that the series eliminates the PTFE “knee” by flattening the phase vs. temperature response curve, thus minimizing system phase variation and increasing accuracy. Applications for these cable assemblies include commercial and military phased-array radars, as well as aerospace SATCOM and Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS), synthetic aperture radars, thermal test sets, and any RF/microwave system operating at or near room temperature. Carlisle Interconnect

Two-Port Probe Measures Impedance

Picotest has released a new two-port “browser” probe especially designed for measuring power integrity applications including VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) impedance and stability and power distribution network (PDN) impedance. The probe comes with multiple interchangeable sized heads allowing fast and repeatable power rail testing capability. The P2102A can measure sub-milliohm power rail impedances up to bandwidths of 300MHz (dependent on calibration). The probe comes with four (4) swappable heads (1206, 0805, 0603, and 0402); sizes that match common output capacitor sizes. The probe is compatible with vector network analyzers (VNAs), oscilloscopes, and spectrum analyzers. Picotest

Isolation Tester for Shielded Enclosures

Saelig Company’s JRE TVK isolation tester can help to verify the proper shielding isolation of RF enclosure test set-ups. This test combination, consisting of the STA-1, a sensitive handheld spectrum analyzer, and the HPSS-1, a high power 2.45GHz test signal source, can easily and quickly measure enclosure isolation down to less than -100dB. The TVK Isolation Tester is simple to use since it is completely adjustment free, which eliminates erroneous readings or complex spectrum analyzer adjustment. The HPSS-1 produces a high power 250-500mW 2.45GHz signal which is necessary for sensitive leak detection. Saelig

Rack Mount Oscilloscope

Rigol Technologies’ S8000-R rack-mount digital oscilloscope provides up to 2 GHz bandwidth and the same jitter and real-time eye analysis, power analysis, and serial decode as their MSO8000 oscilloscope. The space-saving oscilloscope is designed for instrument synchronization for small- to large-system configurations. Featuring a typical trigger jitter between instruments of less than 350 psRMS and accessories to synchronize triggering and minimize timing offset among channels, the DS8000-R oscilloscope accommodates demanding system and automation applications. The scope’s design (1U high by ½ rack wide) allows two to be mounted in a standard 1U rack height. Rigol Technologies

Series of Waveguide Components

Fairview Microwave’s double ridge waveguide components suitable for radar, wireless and satellite communication, and test and instrumentation. Components consist of 28 models in straight sections, bends and twist configurations. These transmission line components cover wider frequency bands, deliver improved RF performance and offer lower cut-off frequencies compared to conventional rectangular waveguide WRD-180(18-40GHz), WRD-650 (6.5 to 18GHz), WRD-750 (7.5 to 18GHz) sizes. Plus, double ridge waveguide-to-coax adapters are available in WRD-180, WRD-650 and WRD-750 waveguide sizes, SMA, N-type and 2.92mm connectors, UG-style square cover flanges and with typical VSWR performance as low as 1.5:1. Fairview Microwave


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