Military Tech Products - March 2021

April 23, 2021
This week's products relating to military technology

With tensions ramped up around the globe, US military R&D is being expedited and on track to spend nearly $80-billion for new hardware. The Pentagon and DARPA are experimenting with AR and VR, developing new aircraft and vehicles, and exploring the use of new robots in the field. Embedded computers also play a significant role, with the latest systems tasked for everything from communications to data processing. In this roundup, we will look at some of the latest military technologies to hit the market in 2021. 

Ruggedized Embedded Computer Equipped with Nvidia and AMD GPUs 

OnLogic recently announced the release of its Cincoze GM-1000 ruggedized embedded computer with configurable MXM form factor GPUs from AMD and Nvidia. The system is designed for graphics processing in applications such as machine vision, security, autonomous vehicles, medical imaging and edge AI applications. The GM-1000 comes equipped with an Intel 8th/9th generation workstation-grade CPU (Celeron, Pentium, Xeon)an MXM 3.1 Type A/B GPU module (AMD Radeon E9174/Nvidia Quadro P2000), and up to 32 Gb of DDR4 RAM. I/O and expansion include 4X USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, a pair of GbE LAN connections, two 10GbE LAN, four GbE LAN, and PoE as optional add-ons.  

RES Trust XR6 Rackmount Server

Mercury Systems has announced the addition of its new RES Trust XR6 rackmount server to its secure server product line. The system is ruggedized for operating in harsh environments with secure server features and built-in data integrity protection for mission-critical C4ISR, electronic warfare (EW) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. The rackmount server comes equipped with dual Intel Xeon processors, 192 Gb of DDR4 RAM, and 3X UPI links. It also packs a SATA CD/DVD/Blu-ray internal drive, a CFM switch, 5X USB 3.0 ports, 5X USB-A ports, VGA port, 2X micro DB9 ports, and 6X Ethernet ports. Additional features include SAS3, U.2 NVMe storage, quick-change CMOS battery, 8X internal hot-plug capable SATA 3 ports, power and battery failure LEDs, and power/reset switches. 

OpenVPX Chassis Manager gets Conduction Cooled 

Pixus Technologies has launched a new conduction-cooled model for their 3U OpenVPX Chassis Manager with the Pixus SHM200. The latest chassis is Vita 46.11 compliant for system management and VITA 48.2 for mechanical design. The Tier 2 Pixus OpenVPX Chassis Manager features 6X temperature sensors and 10X fans with PWM/Tach control, along with 16 digital inputs and outputs. The standard model is outfitted with RS-232, RJ-45, and USB ports and features a Web interface to query the system and import images of their boards remotelyMonitoring each module's status is done by clicking on the image for each slot, making it easy to switch between them on the fly.  

PCIe Gen 2 Platform gets Upgraded for High-Performance Data Processing 

Techway recently launched its Raven 4 sFPDP (Serial Front Panel Data Port) PCIe platform outfitted with a receive and transmit engine for high-performance data processing. sFPDP is designed for use in applications such as high-speed communication system backplanes, high-bandwidth remote sensor systems, signal processing, data recording, and high-bandwidth video systems. The Raven 4 features a Kintex-7 Xilinx FPGA and can support up to a 10 Gb/s data link. RAVEN is fully dimensioned to implement the VITA 17.3 sFPDP standard (flow control, CRC, framed/unframed, copy/loop mode) and offers a user-friendly API written in C++ for easy application implementation.  

Ruggedized Industrial Computer Designed for Data Acquisition in Harsh Environments 

MicroMax has designed a new ruggedized computer with data acquisition for harsh environments. The M-Max VI-PR7 packs an Intel E3845 (or E3826) quad-core processor, with up to 4 Gb of RAM, an Intel HD Graphics integrated controller and up to 1 Tb of SSD storage. The computer also features a pair of 10/100/1000 Base-T ports, 2X RS-232, and 2X USB 2.0 ports. Connectors include a D38999 (power), D38999 (DIO), 2X DB9 (Serial), 2X RJ-45 (Ethernet), and a single DB-15 (VGA). The M-Max VI-PR7 complies with MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD461F and MIL-STD-704F specifications, as well as IP66 rated for dust and moisture. The computer can also handle vibration up to 2.5G and is shock rated for 40G. 

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