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Power Products of the Week (8/9 - 8/13)

Aug. 19, 2021
In this roundup, we go through some of the latest power electronics products on the market, from power supplies and diodes to relays and inductors, used in the industrial and automotive sectors.

Power electronics are a vital component in any device, system, or power grid. While breakthroughs in this sector usually amount to greater power efficiencies and improved delivery, there have also been advances in materials and designs. In this roundup, we look at some of the latest power electronics and components, ranging from power sources and EMC filters to inverters and disconnect switches, used in everything from automobiles to industrial machinery.

DC Converter Designed for Military, Bus, and Commercial Applications

Xantrex’ FREEDOM X 2000W/24Vdc inverter is designed specifically for military, bus, commercial marine and other commercial applications that use 24 V battery systems. The inverter offers a 2X continuous power surge of more than 2 seconds, full output up to 104°F, inverter off feature via DC signal to limit battery drain, and a wide input voltage to 20-32 Vdc work off modern alternators. It also features quick-connect AC terminals, with AC and DC terminals on one side for easy access. The FREEDOM X 2000/24Vdc is certified to UL458 with marine supplement and is also tested for multiple environmental stresses, including moisture and corrosion resistance using HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) and Salt-and-Fog chambers.

Control ICs Designed for Velocity Control of 3-phase Brushless DC and DC Brush Motors

Performance Motion Devices' Juno Velocity Control ICs provide velocity control of 3-phase Brushless DC and DC Brush motors. The ICs are designed to provide PI (proportional, integral) velocity loop control, programmable velocity estimation, dual biquad filtering, shunt regulation, deadband filtering, FOC (Field Oriented Control), and more. The Velocity Control ICs can be used for any number of applications, including spindle control, centrifuges, peristaltic pumps, laboratory automation, packaging automation, and a host of others. They are available in a 64-pin TQFP package measuring 12x12 mm and operate at 3.3 V.

UL98 Open and Enclosed Disconnect Switches

Altech Corporation's UL98 Series of open and enclosed disconnect switches are designed to operate industrial motors and other heavy duty industrial equipment power applications. The switches are available in 60 and 100 A non-fused versions with 3 and 4-pole models offered in each version. Horsepower ratings range from 3 to 75 HP depending on source voltage and whether it is 1- or 3-phase power, and all are lockable in the Off position for safety. Enclosure materials for the UL98 series include polycarbonate, sheet metal, and stainless steel, and all are rated for prevention of incursion of dust and liquids to UL 4 or UL 4X standards, depending on version.

Programmable AC Power Sources use Linear Technology

Pacific Power Source’s  LMX Series of linear power sources are designed for a wide array of AC power test applications and features 20 different models that range in power from 500 VA to 30,000 VA. Compared to more commonplace PWM switching AC power sources, the LMX Series uses linear technology to provide increased performance with a reduction in output noise, voltage distortion, output impedance and peak current capability. The series also offers a 15 Hz to 5,000 Hz output frequency range, which is higher than comparable switch mode AC power sources. This allows the LMX to support gyro and other navigational avionics equipment applications that require AC frequencies well above 1,000 Hz. The rack-mount LMX Series features LAN with LXI, USB, GPIB and RS232 Remote control interfaces and uses PPSC Manager Windows 10 software.

SMP has designed All Mode EMC filters with high-frequency stability using high-frequency composite materials (HFCM) developed and manufactured by SMP, effective for frequencies up to the gigahertz range. The All Mode design combats both differential mode and common mode noise. A combination of HFCM and All Mode technology makes it possible to reduce the number of filter components needed in the system by about 50 percent. It also means that common mode chokes or filters are no longer needed. Since the materials are magnetostriction-free, the filters are noiseless. Fewer filter components are also needed, so volume is reduced, while the power electronic system as a whole is increased significantly.


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