These 5 New Capacitors Drive IoT and Smart-Home Innovations

May 3, 2024
TDK, Passive Plus, Kyocera, and Knowles’ Cornell Dubilier recently unveiled new capacitors and supercapacitors designed for a wide range of use cases.
Kondratova |
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The latest capacitors and supercapacitors to arrive target a wide range of uses. This gallery highlights five of them: TDK's EPCOS capacitors are well-suited for high-voltage and high-temperature operations in renewable-energy and industrial applications. And Passive Plus's ceramic capacitors perform well across broad frequency ranges, targeting them for advanced broadband technologies.

Meanwhile, Kyocera's two new capacitor types are designed for dense electronic setups and durability, and Knowles’ supercapacitors offer powerful, efficient energy-storage options for green technologies and other high-demand applications. All of these developments showcase improved performance, efficiency, and versatility in capacitor technology.

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