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Device Links ControlNet To DeviceNet

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The 1788-CN2DN ControlNet-to-DeviceNet linking device provides an efficient and seamless means of sharing data between controllers and discrete manufacturing devices. The linking device eliminates the backplane formerly needed to link the networks to reduce hardware, improve speed and lower costs. It supports ControlNet as the backbone of the control architecture with PC, PLC or DCS systems attached. DeviceNet, in turn, connects discrete devices on the plant floor to the ControlNet backbone at convenient points. The architecture allows an operator at an HMI on ControlNet to configure a DeviceNet sensor. Additionally, scanner class hardware on ControlNet such as a PLC, PC or a robot controller controls all DeviceNet devices in real time. A single ControlNet backbone also handles the diagnostic feedback and monitoring of the attached DeviceNet networks. The linking device is DIN-rail or screw mountable, dc powered, and provides full scheduled I/O adapter functionality, memory storage, and auto recovery from power outage or brown-out. Call for pricing.

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