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Flat Cables Shrug Off Space Restrictions

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Confined spaces are serious obstacles in putting complex round cables to work, especially when high-flex performance is required. This problem can be solved, it's claimed, with the company's new line of tailor-made band cables for continuous flexing applications. The individually designed flat cables need less space and offer what's claimed as superior flex-life capabilities. The flat design provides for lower height, reducing internal friction and resulting in increased flexibility and flex-life over conventional wiring solutions. Application-specific flat cables also offer the following advantages: the individual conductor components can be separated by function; receive individual shielding if required; and run parallel at defined distances. Tailoring the conductor pitch can be used as a tool to improve EMC and reduce the need for bulky shields. Main application of customized band cables include automation and robotics, manufacturing, machine building, pick-and-place, medical and transportation. Starting at order volumes as little as 300 ft., the individually designed flat cables need less space and offer superior flex-life capabilities.

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