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Imaging Module Melds Sensor Chip With Lens Assembly

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The components needed for converting still and video color images into digital data have been integrated into a module whose base footprint measures a mere 1.04" x 1.00". The PCM2112 imaging front-end module consists of a megapixel CMOS color image sensor, a 5-element lens and integral shutter and actuator. The fixed-focus lens is pre-aligned to the sensor chip to ensure proper focus at all pixel locations; the shutter is provided for still-frame operation; and the shutter release is accurate down to 1/200 second.
The module comes with a ribbon cable for controlling shutter release and for performing on-the-fly programming to select between resolution, frame rate and bit width. Zoom, pan, tilt, flip and mirror functions can also be controlled. The cable outputs 10-bit color image data at rates of up to 102 frames/s, with the output data said to consist of "picture perfect" pixels created by circuitry that eliminates fixed pattern noise and does color balancing in the analog domain before digital conversion.
Applications for the 1280 x 1024-pixel PCM2112 include cameras, PDAs, notebooks, robotics, and more. Pricing for the the module is $69.80 each/1000.

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