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Miniature Linear Position Sensors Target µP-Based Applications

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Incorporating analog signal technology in a rugged electromechanical design, Miniature 9600 Series of linear position sensors promises to deliver precision feedback in a variety of microprocessor-based applications, including industrial, medical, aerospace, and robotic systems. The sensors come in standard stroke lengths of 0.5", 1" and 1.5" and are said to provide virtual plug-and-play installations and to be compatible with all industry-standard termination methods. The linear position sensors consist of a plastic element housed in a compact, molded, chemically-resistant housing and are designed to provide accurate readings over a temperature range of -40°C to 135°C, vibration up to 15 Gs, 50 to 1000 Hz, and a humidity level up to 95% at 38°C. Standard linearity is ±2%, with ±0.35% the best practical linearity based on stroke length. Mechanical life is rated at 1,000,000 cycles.

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