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Richardson, TX

Richardson, TX-OEM drop-in replacements for Honeywell, Optek and other optoelectronic sensors plus custom solutions to fit specific design and sensing requirements is offered with OptoSwitch from Clarostat Sensors. Available in slotted optical switches, reflective optical switches, optical couplers and Hall-effect devices, OptoSwitch sensors are used in electromechanical motion and position sensing applications such as medical analysis testing equipment, document recognition and sorting, copiers, printers, disk drives, vending machines, and robotics. Slotted optical switches have the emitter and the receiver on opposite sides of the object being sensed and read transmitted light. They are easiest to incorporate into circuits if the object being sensed is reasonably opaque. Reflective assemblies have the light source and sensor on the same side of the object being sensed and read reflected light sensed.


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