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Exascend Introduces Industrial Rugged PCIe Gen3 and SATA3 SSD

Dec. 10, 2020
Exascend announces the availability of a new lineup of thermally optimized, ultra-high capacity, and high-speed PCIe Gen3 and SATA3 SSD products based on Marvell's SSD controller.

Exascend, Inc., (www.exascend.com), a leading service-driven high-performance storage solution provider, announced the availability of new line of thermally optimized, ultra-capacity, high speed and PCIe Gen3 NVMe and SATA3 SSD products based on Marvell’s industry-leading SSD controller.

Exascend PI3 (PCIe Gen3x4) product series are Industrial grade (-40 to 85°C operating temperature) SSD with enterprise performance features (sustain high speed and low latency) available in standard U.2 up to 8 TB, M.2 2280 up to 4 TB. Legacy parts such as the SI3 Series (industrial SATA3) are still available with capacity up to 4 TB and will be a long-term support item.

Designed and optimized for industrial and rugged applications, where unpredictable operating environment, a wide temperature fluctuations, and thermal and airflow restrictions pose significant design challenges for small form factors, especially when SATA3 is migrating to high-performance PCIe NVMe SSDs. PI3 series products are ideal for the incoming merger of AI in IoT, edge server storage, transportation, telemetry, autonomous driving, high-speed video capture, and data logging, as well as other emerging high-performance, rugged data storage applications where traditional single tasking is now required to do onsite multi-tasking and complex high-level analytical algorithms.

“The new generation of industrial applications requires lower latency, consistent QoS, and ever increasing sustained high performance under all operation conditions. PI3 SSD product innovates by fusing Exascend enterprise performance storage with proprietary thermal management technology and extended temperature support. With the introduction of our rugged PCIe SSD for rugged applications,” said Exascend CEO Frank Chen. “Exascend is very proud in achieving a significant milestone for the global storage industry. The accelerating trend of Flash adoption for rugged applications, industrial automation, and edge computing has called upon service-focused companies like Exascend to deliver enterprise performance solutions under wide temperature operating conditionstwo conflicting requirements by conventional perceptions. By leveraging our deep expertise in SSD technology, Exascend is able to accomplish both requirements simultaneously and advance our mission to push the boundary of possibilities.”

Hardware-Based AES 256 Encryption Engine with TCG OPAL 2.0 support

Both PI3 and SI3 series products support TCG Opal 2.0, using hardware encryption technology to secure data stored. By encrypting the entire drive, users do not need to worry about their data being accessed if the drive, laptop, or mobile device is stolen or lost.

In addition to standard PCIe NVMe and SATA3 feature sets, Exascend products are engineered with innovative features and optimizations based on proprietary technologies for rugged applications.

Exascend Adaptive Thermal Control

Exascend’s patented algorithm continuously monitors drive thermals and regulates drive performance to improve SSD reliability, simultaneously enhancing sustained performance and quality of service (QoS) by 10X. Below are a couple of examples of performance benchmarks in a thermal chamber that's simulating operation temperature under wide temperature range. 

Figure 1. Exascend’s 8TB U.2 provides sustained write performance at 1,500 MB/s in temperature range from-40~75°C, and sustained write at 950 MB/s under high temperature 75~85°C.

Figure 2. M.2 is far more challenging as thermal dissipation is very limited in such a small form factor; the higher the capacity, the more difficult it gets. Nevertheless, Exascend’s 4-TB M.2 can provide a 1,450 MB/s sustained write under -40~75°C, 700 MB/s sustained write at 75~85°C.

Figure 3. SATA3 is a very mature product in the market. Peak performance reaching up to 500 MB/s is already a standard specification, but to offer a straight line sustained write at 500 MB/s under wide temperature range is Exascend’s in-house firmware know-how.

Exascend Accelerated Boot

We recognize system responsiveness is a critical aspect of user experience. High-capacity Flash storage may take minutes to respond after a  power cycle, negatively impacting responsiveness. Accelerated boot is our unique technology. By streamlining initialization to prioritize system response, and layering initialization to allow background error correction and recovery, we achieve near instantaneous drive response upon power on, reducing boot time from minutes to seconds, dramatically improving system responsiveness.

Exascend Deep Customization Service*

Exascend’s platform-based technology enables deep customization to drive value-add services. We provide engineering support on further performance, power, thermal optimizations and security, and vendor unique features on PI3 / SI3 products.

Sample available now:

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About Exascend

Exascend is a service-oriented provider of innovative standard and custom storage solutions, specialized in low-power, high-performance, and high-reliability products. Since its founding, the company has been awarded more than 45 US and worldwide patents on storage-related technologies. With full lines of enterprise and industrial PCIe NVMe, SATA3 SSD, CFast, CFexpress cards, and DRAM product offerings, Exascend’s broad capabilities span across hardware, firmware, software, product engineering, manufacturing, and customization services. “Engineering Inspiration to Innovation,” Exascend takes pride in enabling its global customers to push the boundary of possibilities and to differentiate with quality, reliability, and flexibility.

For more information please visit: www.exascend.com

For Sales Inquiry: [email protected]

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