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1000 Watt Linear Regulator Features 10 A Output Current

June 3, 2015
Belleson LLC announces the addition of the SPHP to its line of Superpower linear voltage regulators.

Belleson LLC announces the addition of the SPHP to its line of Superpower linear voltage regulators. SPHP is an adjustable voltage regulator with output voltage adjustable from 5V to 100V and output current to 10A.

SPHP has noise less than 1ppm/V of output voltage, where a 12V output device has less than 10µVRMS noise from 20Hz to 20kHz (150µVpp). SPHP delivers 10A with positive or negative versions at output voltage of 3.3V to 100V. It ships as two versions, one at VOUT=3.3V and another with adjustable VOUT from 5V to 100V. Power supply ripple rejection is 110dB at power line frequencies and above 90dB at 50KHz.

The patented design (U.S. Patent 8,294,440) has reference and loop amplifier circuitry that is self-powered by its own regulated output voltage. It uses an integral floating current reference that allows output voltage to be set with a single resistor. A quiet, fast and stable internal difference circuit keeps output impedance below 10mW beyond 50KHz and total audio noise at or below 1PPM of VOUT. Output dynamic step response of these series regulators rivals or betters that of shunt regulated and battery supplies. Drop out voltage is a low 3.5V at 10A output current. SPHP main board is a controller that can be heat sinked for high load conditions. The controller connects to a separate TO-3P 200W output transistor (included) that can be heat sinked or chassis mounted. If desired, output current limit circuitry can be added to the power output device.

SPHP are designed for high performance power to circuits requiring high voltage, high current, low noise and fast transient performance such as communications local oscillators, receivers, power amplifiers, mixers, digital audio workstations.

SPHP has a 4 pin footprint with pin spacing of 0.1 inch (2.5mm). It is available at fixed output of 3.3V or adjustable output from 5V to 100V. Other high performance Belleson regulators are available with output voltage from 1.2V to 400V and current from 225mA to 2A. 

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