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Basic Spectrum Analyzer Enhances Power/Signal Monitoring

Basic Spectrum Analyzer Enhances Power/Signal Monitoring

Agilent_1203-AThe N9322C, 7 GHz basic spectrum analyzer from Agilent, is designed for budget-constrained applications in R&D, manufacturing, maintenance, education labs, spectrum management, bench repair and other analyzer applications. A one-button PowerSuite (CHP, OBW, ACPR, SEM and spectrogram) boasts simple and intuitive power measurements and signal monitoring. One-button optimization of the analyzer sensitivity lowers the DANL (-152 dBm typical) for low-level signal detection, while a ±0.1 ppm annual aging rate reduces frequency drift for more accurate measurements. The analyzer also features ±0.3 dB absolute amplitude accuracy and ±0.7 dB frequency response. An optional 7 GHz tracking generator with built-in VSWR bridge supports transmission and reflection measurements, including return loss, insertion loss and distance-to-fault. Other options include a channel scanner measuring up to 20 channels simultaneously, AM/FM, ASK/FSK demodulation analysis and time-gated spectrum analysis. The N9322C basic spectrum analyzer is available now with prices starting at $11,413. Pricing for the tracking generator option (TG7) starts at $2,484.

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