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Precision Low-Noise Units Power Electronics Research

Precision Low-Noise Units Power Electronics Research

Agilent_1112-ATwo new low-noise power sources from Agilent's B2900A precision instrument family, the one-channel B2961A and the two-channel B2962A, are being touted as revolutionary bench top power supplies for precision low-noise voltage/current sourcing. Both units boast best-in-class 6.5 digit and 100 nV/10 fA resolutions, 10 μVrms noise performance, wide bipolar operating ranges up to 210 V/3 A dc or 10.5 A pulse, more innovative sourcing functions and an intuitive graphical user interface. Due to strong demand for lower power consumption and higher data rates, more subtle and more sensitive signals must be managed to fully characterize the devices or samples under test. Output noise to 10 μVrms or 1 nVrms/√Hz at 10 kHz using an optional ultra-low-noise filter enables critical testing of noise-sensitive devices or samples such as VCOs, crystal oscillators, ADCs, DACs, sensor/transducer devices and analog/RF ICs. The B2961A one-channel power source starts at $5,784. The B2962A two channel version starts at $8,413.

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