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March 25, 2016
UCLA Engineering has developed generations of rigorously trained engineers and has been the home for solutions to challenges in fields including energy, sustainability, healthcare, communications, transportation, infrastructure and information technology.

UCLA Electrical Engineering Department Overview

Research and education activities in the Electrical Engineering Department at UCLA

UCLA 2014 Mechanical Engineering Robot Competition

Cole's teams entry. Took 2nd Place. Senior design project was to build an autonomous robot that would "find" a billiard ball, then find the "ramp" leading to "dumping area". Then repeat the process all over again.

UCLA engineers to compete at University of Arizona

The American Society of Civil Engineers is holding an engineering competition at University of Arizona this Thursday. Watch this video preview of UCLA entries including a steel bridge, concrete canoe and a sustainable dog house.

UCLA Engineering develops flexible and stretchable LEDs

Imagine an electronic display nearly as clear as a window, or a curtain that illuminates a room, or a smartphone screen that doubles in size, stretching like rubber. Now imagine all of these being made from the same material. Researchers from UCLA's Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science

Profile created by Penton using resources found on the university website or material provided directly from the college. The intention of these profiles is to highlight some of the top electrical/computer and mechanical engineering programs in the United States. Source:http://engineering.ucla.edu/

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