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Carnegie Mellon University

Feb. 23, 2016
Our mission is to produce creative and technically strong engineers and to research pioneering solutions to global challenges. We do this with an unprecedented commitment to integrating across engineering, sciences, arts, business, and other disciplines to yield transformative results.

MechE students get back to the drawing board with DIY Design and Fabrication

The field of mechanical engineering has solved many complex problems in our world: from longer bridges to safer cars and more. In order to achieve these wonders, mechanical engineers go through years of schooling; learning highly advanced computational and modeling techniques, and difficult theoretical approaches. But ask any mechanical engineer why they chose the field in the first place, and their first thought won’t be equations or theories. At the heart of it all, they just love to build.

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Carnegie Mellon engineers revolutionized magnetic recording computer disk drive chip

Over the last 30 years, Carnegie Mellon engineers have contributed in many different ways to the progress of disk drive storage, in particular, contributed very significantly to solving the challenge of accurately reading bits of data crammed into miniscule places.

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Rocket Landing Control Designs Earn Students SpaceX Prizes

Written by: Alexandra Geoerge

When SpaceX successfully landed a rocket booster vertically in December 2015, a group of Carnegie Mellon University mechanical engineering students were particularly pleased. Months earlier, they had earned prizes from the spacecraft company for their rocket control designs, part of the final project for the department's nonlinear controls course.

The course, taught by Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Koushil Sreenath, required students to design controllers that tested rockets landing in simulation. Sreenath framed the project as a contest and SpaceX offered to award prizes to the top three teams.

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Lucia wins the 2015 Bell Labs Prize

ECE Assistant Professor Brandon Lucia has won the 2015 Bell Labs Prize for his lab's work on OIC: The Operating System for Intermittent Computing. Lucia and his team developed a new class of intelligent computer systems that use novel hardware and software techniques to operate reliably using intermittent or unreliable power. These systems will enable application developers to create high-reliability applications for intermittent systems that will form an essential part of the Internet of Things.

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Carnegie Mellon Engineering

The College of Engineering is recognized globally as a leader in engineering education. Our reputation for intellectual rigor, our talent for developing technologies that improve quality of life and our entrepreneurial spirit are reflected in our faculty and students, and by our physical environment.

Quick Facts

U.S. News & World Report ranks Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering in the top 10 engineering colleges for both graduate and undergraduate education.

Rankings (undergrad):

  • Computer Engineering - 3rd in the nation
  • Electrical Engineering - 11th in the nation
  • Mechanical Engineering - 11th in the nation


  • 1,802 undergraduates (2015 Institute of Technology)
  • 1,203 Master's (2015 Institute of Technology)
  • 727 Doctoral (2015 Institute of Technology)


  • 608 total active faculty
  • 216 faculty member
  • 392 staff members
Profile created by Penton using resources found on the university website or material provided directly from the college. The intention of these profiles is to highlight some of the top electrical/computer and mechanical engineering programs in the United States. Source:http://engineering.cmu.edu/

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