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Signal Analyzer Packs The Power For Advanced RF/Microwave Design

The design and manufacture of advanced RF and microwave communications systems, including wireless local-area networks (WLANs) and 3G/4G cell phones, require as much power and sophistication as engineers can achieve. To help in the quest, the MS2781A Signature signal analyzer offers the spectrum and signal-analysis tools for the job. Developed by Anritsu, the tool features spectrum-analyzer performance as well as digital modulation analysis from 100 Hz to 8 GHz.

An optional 30-MHz-resolution bandwidth permits the capture, measurement, and analysis of wide modulation bandwidth signals. The instrument's architecture provides an open Windows XP environment, which Anritsu calls a first for a signal analyzer, so popular simulation and analysis tools can be easily integrated into the analyzer.

One key element behind the instrument's high performance is a 9.5- to 17.5-GHz synthesized first local oscillator and a 9.5-GHz IF. This fundamental mixing approach lets designers measure the entire 100-Hz to 8-GHz range in one sweep without band-switching or pre-selection.

Total intermodulation distortion is 23 dBm, displayed average noise level is −147 dBm, and amplitude accuracy is 0.65 dB over the entire frequency range. For digital modulation analysis, the analyzer optionally obtains measurements for error vector magnitude, carrier leakage, and I/Q imbalance, all without a separate computer and post processing. The instrument presents a WCDMA adjacent channel power ratio of 80 dB and a 2% error vector magnitude rating.

Additionally, users can easily design new or proprietary digital modulations by adding the MatLab Connectivity option. It offers live update viewing of MatLab-processed results with measurements.

The MS2781SA costs $49,500, and the GPIB interface (option 3) costs $600. A 30-MHz IF bandwidth (option 22) costs $27,000. QPSK/PSK modulation measurements (option 35) cost $8000. And, MatLab Connectivity (option 40) costs $1000. All are available within 16 weeks.

Anritsu Co.
(408) 778-2000

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