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Versatile 12-Bit ADCs Wield Five Analog Input Ranges

Versatile 12-Bit ADCs Wield Five Analog Input Ranges

The ADC-85 series of 12-bit, 8-µs conversion-time analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) from the DATEL Business Unit of Murata Power Solutions guarantees ½ least-significant-bit (LSB) of linearity. Each model is 100% tested for performance across one of three specified temperature ranges: 0 to +70°C; ‒40 to +100°C; and ‒55 to +125°C. The ADCs have five analog input ranges, and offer parallel and serial digital outputs. An internal buffer amplifier addresses high-input impedance needs. They can be short-cycled to give faster conversions in lower-resolution applications. Output coding is complementary binary, complementary offset binary, or complementary two’s complement. Packaging options include a hermetically sealed, 32-pin, side brazed DDIP or gull-wing SMT ceramic package. The devices come in commercial and military/high-reliability temperature versions, and are pin-for-pin compatible with the ADC84, ADC85, MNADC87, HSADC85, and MNADC85 series.


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