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0.5 ppm INL SAR ADC Achieves True 20-Bit Precision

0.5 ppm INL SAR ADC Achieves True 20-Bit Precision

20/18/16-bit, no latency SAR ADCs with 0.5 ppm (typ) and 2 ppm (max) INL error.

Linear Technology's LTC2378-20 is a 20-bit 1 Msps no latency SAR ADC with 0.5 ppm (typ) and 2 ppm (max) INL error, a key specification in precision applications such as seismic monitoring and semiconductor fabrication. The proprietary architecture leads to an extremely stable 2 ppm (max) INL and -114 dB THD (max) over the device’s entire operating range of -40°C to 85°C. The LTC2378-20 is the leadership product in a pin- and software-compatible family of 20/18/16-bit SAR ADCs with serial SPI interfaces. The family operates from a 2.5 V supply, with a ±5 V fully differential input range using an external 5 V reference. At 1 Msps, the device achieves low power dissipation of 21 mW, which scales linearly with sample rate. Shutdown mode further reduces power dissipation to 2.5 µW when idle. The 1 Msps LTC2378-20, 500 ksps LTC2377-20 and 250 ksps LTC2376-20 are available in MSOP-16 and 4 x 3 mm DFN-16 packages, priced starting at $29.50, $25.50 and $18.17 each/1,000, respectively.


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