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1-MHz Low-Voltage Op Amps Offer Rail-To-Rail I/O

Targeted at extending battery life and other low-voltage applications, the MCP600x family of 1-MHz operational amplifiers reduces supply voltage demand. The MCP6001 (single), MCP6002 (dual), and MCO6004 (quad) offer rail-to-rail input/output and have 90° phase margin into a 60-pF, 10-kΩ load. Low-voltage operation reduces the need for voltage doubler circuitry. Also, the low, 100-µA quiescent current further lessens demand on the battery. A low typical power consumption of 180 µW suits these op amps for sensors, instrumentation devices, consumer products, battery-operated applications, and devices powered by a single communication loop. The MCP6001, MCP6002, and MCP6004 op amps cost $0.25, $0.30, and $0.35 each in 1000-unit lots.

Microchip Technology
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