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10-/12-Bit ADCs Trim Power Consumption

Unveiled as the industry’s most power efficient, the CDK2307 12-bit and CDK2308 10-bit ADCs deliver 20 to 80 Msamples/s. The family includes single and dual converters that operate at 20, 40, 65, and 80 Msamples/s. In addition to low power, the CDK2307D trims noise with a SNR of 72.4 dB and a SFDR of 78.2 dB. The ADC family consists of four members: the single-channel CDK1307 with power dissipations from 19 to 60 mW, dual-channel CDK2307 with power dissipations from 30 to 102 mW, the single-channel CDK1308 devices dissipating from 15 to 46 mW, and the two-channel CDK2308 ADCs with power dissipations from 24 to 78 mW. With full production set for March 2009, prices range from $4.80 to $25.60 each/1,000. CADEKA MICROCIRCUITS LLC, Loveland, CO. (877) 663-5452.


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