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10-/15-W Supplies Are Compact, Inexpensive

The PS5R-SB series is the latest addition to IDEC’s Slim Line family of power supplies. The compact, lightweight units offer a lower-power, less-expensive alternative for designers who don’t need higher-power devices. The PS5B-SB models come in 10- and 15-W versions that are just 90 by 22.5 by 95 mm, only half the size of standard DIN-rail power supplies. The 10-W model delivers a 5-V output, and the 15-W version is available with either a 12- or 24-V output. The supplies feature a universal input voltage and overload protection.

A variety of mounting options ensures flexibility and ease of installation. They can quickly snap onto a DIN rail with built-in DIN-rail clips or directly mount to a panel. Finger-safe spring-up screw terminal types are shock and vibration resistant and allow easy installation of ring lugs. The supplies are UL508 listed, allowing for operation at 100% load and eliminating the need to oversize or derate the supply. Also, they comply with the UL1604 standard and Class 1, Division 2, so they are suitable for use in hazardous locations.


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Visit www.idec.com/usa.

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