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100-W Quarter-Brick DC-DC Converters Provide Up To 91% Efficiency

Designed for industrial, medical, and telecom applications, the UQQ family of dc-dc converters from C&D Technologies Inc. offers a 4:1 input range and 100 W of usable power. Models include 3.3 V/25 A, 5 V/20 A, 12 V/8 A, 15 V/7 A, and 24 V/4 A with basic grade I/O isolation voltage of 2250 V. Measuring 0.43 in. tall, these converters readily install on printed-circuit (PC) boards with half-inch card spacing.

Input ranges are 9 to 36 V dc (12 V and/or 24 V in nominal) and 18 to 75 V dc (24 V and/or 48 V in nominal). Combined with multilayer heavy copper pc boards and synchronous rectifier topology, the UQQ's planar magnetics yield high efficiencies up to 91%. Also, the converters provide undervoltage and overvoltage shutdowns and positive or negative logic-compatible remote on/off control.

The converters' sense feedback minimizes IR line drop losses, while their wide output voltage trim input could be used to adjust accuracy. The industry-standard pin-compatible quarter-brick package measures 2.22 by 1.46 by 0.43 in. Calculated mean-time-between-failure figures exceed 5 million hours. All models comply with the European Union’s RoHS-6 regulations.


Pricing begins at $86 in lots of 100 or more. Lead times range from stock to 10 to 12 weeks.


Visit www.cd4power.com.

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