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10.7-Gbit/s Laser Diode Driver Features Double-Loop Control

The ADN2843 is a 10.7-Gbit/s laser diode driver (LDD) with double-loop control of average power and extinction ratio. This control provides consistent optical performance by compensating for temperature variations and aging effects in the laser diode.

Operating from a 3.3-V supply, the ADN2843 augments power, integration, and cost advantages of directly coupled applications. This OC-192/SDH-64 and 10-GbitE-compatible driver couples directly to the laser diode, providing decreased cost, size, and power benefits while reducing the pattern-dependent jitter of standard ac-coupled designs. It features modulation and bias currents of up to 80 mA. Additional capabilities include laser fail and degrade alarms, automatic laser shutdown (ALS), bias-current monitors, and modulation-current monitors. In 1000-piece quantities, the ADN2843 costs $130.

Analog Devices
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