12-Bit ADC Sets Speed Mark

12-Bit ADC Sets Speed Mark

Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany: According to National Semiconductor, its ADC12D1800 is the industry’s fastest 12-bit analog-to digital converter (ADC). At 3.6 Gsamples/s, it is 3.6 times faster than any other available 12-bit device, the company says.

The ADC’s –147-dBm/Hz noise floor, 52-dB noise power ratio (NPR), and –61-dBFS intermodulation distortion (IMD) enable a new generation of software-defined radio (SDR) architectures and applications.

In addition to the ADC12D1800, National has introduced two other members of its ultra-high-speed ADC family. The ADC12D1600 boasts a sampling speed up to 3.2 Gsamples/s, and the ADC12D1000 offers performance up to 2.0 Gsamples/s.

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