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12-Mpixel CMOS Image Sensor Hits 150 Frames/s

74353-AAntwerp, Belgium: The 12-Mpixel CMV12000 CMOS image sensor from Cmosis boasts 150 frames/s (see the figure). Targeting high-resolution industrial imaging automation systems and broadcasting applications, it comprises 4096 by 3072 pixels, each measuring 5.5 µm.

The CMV12000 hits 150 frames/s in both monochrome and colour modes by using 64 low-voltage differential signalling (LVDS) outputs running at 300 Mbits/s each. Multiplexing to fewer output channels supports lower frame rates. Partial read out, windowing, and subsample modes can be programmed to support higher frame rates.

Peak quantum efficiency is 60%, resulting in a responsivity of 4.64 V/lux.s, with a dynamic range of 60 dB. Using correlated double sampling in global shutter mode, the eight-transistor pixel cell architecture reduces any dark noise and fixed pattern noise (FPN) non-uniformity of the sensor matrix.

At full resolution and frame rate, the power dissipation is 3 W. This power consumption can be dynamically controlled when lower frame rates are used. On-chip features such as the high dynamic range (HDR) modes, offset and gain programming, and power dissipation control are driven and programmed over a three-wire read-write SPI control.


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